Wednesday, 30 December 2015

HYGIENE STAR OF 2015: Philips Diamond Clean Amethyst Edition

Hi beauties!
Having a shiny, white smile is just as important to anyone's look as beautifully done hair and fabulous outfit! 

Philips DiamondClean Amethyst Electric Toothbrush 
Possibly the smartest toothbrush out in the market. Not only does this brush remove up to x7 more plaque than a manual brush, it also whitens x2 better than a manual brush as well as improving gum health in just 2 weeks! 

The DiamondClean toothbrush head has diamond-shaped, medium-stiffness bristles to effectively, yet gently scrape away plaque and stains, providing exceptional cleaning and whitening. The diamond head also has 44% more bristles than the regular Philips Sonicare brushes. 

DiamondClean removes way more plaque because it has been clinically proven to reach hard-to-reach areas in order to provide a more thorough clean than any other brush. Using a unique dynamic cleaning action, fluid is driven between the teeth to reach every area, including the gum line and between the teeth so that results can be seen in just as little as 1 week! 

With 5 different brushing modes, this is definitely the most comprehensive brush on the market. Switch on White Mode and watch as coffee, tea, tobacco and wine stains begin to disappear in just as little as 1 week. Gum Care Mode will improve gum health in just 2 weeks by targeting the gum line and remove dirt and plaque whole stimulating the gums. Sensitive teeth? No problem, switch your toothbrush onto Sensitive Mode and still get an exceptional clean without the sore gums. You can even use it on braces, veneers and periodontal pockets! 

The Philips DiamondClean Amethyst with its stylish and luxurious design boasting handle illuminating technology that illuminates the current brushing mode is on and hides all other modes. Also the charge lasts an impressive 3 weeks and when you do need to recharge, the DiamondClean unique charging glass (which can also be used for rinsing) is the perfect accessory! It even makes your bathroom look super stylish! 

Value for money, efficiency, results and all the stylish and luxurious extras like the charging glass really make this the brush of 2015 for me! I would highly recommend this brush to anyone looking to buy a new electric brush, or looking to buy their first electric brush! 

RRP: £249.99 (Currently £124.99) Available from Boots and other major beauty retailers 

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