Wednesday, 6 January 2016

FOOD STAR OF 2015: Philips Viva Juicer

Hi beauties!

Philips Viva Juicer 
There's no better way to start 2016 than with a serious diet rethink! I LOVE fruit juice, but I can't stand bits and the wastage that you get from most juicers where the majority of the fruit ends up around the juicer rather than in your glass. However, I also can't stand the amount of added sugar found in the majority of fruit juices you can readily buy from the supermarket. The Viva juicer was the solution for me :) 

Philips pride themselves in quite a few highlights that are unique to the Viva Juicer; and with reason! This little juicer can make up to 2L of juice in one go! It also extracts more juice from your fruit and vegetables than normal juicers, and with Philips 'Quick Clean' technology, the entire machine can be cleaned within 1 minute. 

Some of the highlights of the Viva Juicer include: 
- A powerful 700W motor: Blending, mixing and crushing more effectively than ever and squeezing every drop our of your juice and vegetables. 
- XL 75mm Feeding Tube: No more pre-cutting. Feed whole apples, carrots, beetroots and more without having to pre-cut them. Make delicious juice even quicker than you thought possible! 
- Quick clean technology and sieve: Clean your juicer in just 1 minute, all the pulp collects in one place for easy disposal

Just the gorgeous design and the quick clean technology that allows all the pulp to be collected in one area and the surfaces of the machine to be cleaned with one quick wipe are winning factors for me! This is in my opinion the best juicer out on the market, due to the super powerful 700w motor, a lot more juice is collected which means less wastage and you get a lot more goodness from your fruit and veg! 

Simple and easy to use and creating a delicious 2L of juice without any mess, this is definitely the food gadget winner of 2015 for me! I cannot recommend it enough if you are someone who knows you need to consume more fruit and is making healthy eating a priority in 2016, I highly recommend making the Viva Juicer a priority buy for your kitchen! 

RRP: £79.99 (Currently £54.99). Available from Currys and other main retailers


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